The Rock School Awards Show Cake

The Rock School, one of Gainesville, Florida’s finest private schools, finishes the school year in style. With a production that was simply amazing, being a part of The Rock School Awards Show was truly an honor. For this event, our bakery produced an awards themed red carpet cake feeding the more than 400 guests.

Red Carpet Awards Show cake
The Rock School Cake

It all started with a sketch and a concept: 

cake sketch
Cake Sketch

In keeping with the awards show theme, our idea was to have a red carpet, film reels (with pictures of the students), and the school’s mascot (lion) dressed in a tuxedo.

red carpet cake
Red Carpet

This was a VERY BIG cake. The center of the cake held a 5 tier cake with more cake extending to the sides. The sides formed a red carpet, complete with ruffles, stars, and gold rope. The set-up process did take some time…

Setting up the cake
Lots of stars

We decided to add the stars once we arrived to the venue; transporting them in a styrofoam base. Tip of the day… styrofoam is a great help in transporting those little delicate cake decorations.

Cake Artist Yeni Monroy
Smiling Yeni

Tip number two: Yes, setting up cakes can be stressful — but there’s always time to smile. A smiling Yeni makes for a happy team at Dream Day Cakes®. =)

We had been calling the mascot “Rocky” during the week. Later we’d find out he doesn’t have an official name (we’re pushing very hard for Rocky).

The Rock School Lion Mascot
Lion Mascot aka Rocky

Rocky looked great… but Yeni thought something was missing. This is when she brought out her most awesome tool in her possession:

Yeni Monroy's favorite cake tool
The Step

The step allows our cake artist to reach new heights — literally. With the tool in place, she was able to add that last touch.

Yeni Monroy working on the cake
Yeni at work
The before shot


The After Shot

Not the biggest change… but sometimes it’s the littlest details.

Here’s more of pictures of the cake:

Steps and Red Carpet
Steps and Red Carpet
Tiered Awards Show cake
Center portion of the cake
film reels with edible pictures
Film reels (edible photos)

We loved working on this cake and helping some amazing students celebrate the end of their school year. Working with The Rock School was fantastic. Their professionalism and commitment to excellence shows in everything they do– including the behavior of the students. We were truly honored to create this awards show cake for their annual Gainesville event.

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