Sad Strawberry Needs Your Help

This sad strawberry needs a home.

Help find a home for chocolate covered strawberries.
This strawberry needs your help

Each year, around February 14th, millions of strawberries find themselves harvested, dipped into delicious chocolate, and then showcased to the public. Each of these delicious berries dream of finding a home to celebrate the love and passion brought out by Valentine’s Day.

Some people believe Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday by florists, chocolatiers, and other commercial interests. At Dream Day Cakes, we believe it’s just another day to celebrate life. Of course, we also believe that every celebration deserves cake.

Are we part of the problem? Part of the solution? That’s for you to decide. We just know that this poor, little, defenseless strawberry needs a home. Also, please check out some of our Valentine’s Day specials. ­čśë

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