Shark Cake

This guy is just so happy — scary, but happy. =)

Shark cake
Shark Cake

A chocolate cake with delicious roasted coconut and vanilla buttercream, our happy (yet scary) shark is certain to “scare up” your appetite. Ok– no more puns.

The shark is fondant covered and seated upon an ocean of buttercream. Each of the individual fondant teeth (and sharks have many, many rows of teeth) are set onto his mouth and ready for action.

Yeni Monroy working on the shark cake
Yeni working on the shark cake

The shark weighed in at a whopping 40 pounds– not a bad catch at all.

Final touches
Final touches on the shark

Made fresh in our Gainesville bakery, the shark was given as a Valentine’s Day cake for a special someone that enjoys the salt life.

Shark cake, fondant
Cartoon Style Shark Cake

4 thoughts on “Shark Cake

  1. Okay … so I was looking for inspiration ta make some little shark cupcakes and I stumble upon your Shark Masterpiece and start laughing until I cried. I had to stop and give you props. That is the best cake ever. The rows of teeth are perfection and the smile makes me wish I had this cake for my wedding! There’s always hope … I’m not dead yet! Ha ha ha! Beautiful, inventive and handsome work!!!
    Cheers, Pamela in Oregon!

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