Shaun White Cake

How do you help a local Gainesville, Florida birthday girl celebrate both her love of Shaun White and her 21st birthday? With a Shaun White Birthday Cake of course!!

Shaun White Cake, fondant
Shaun White Birthday Cake

This cake truly allowed us to remember the cold– it’s not often we get asked to do snow-themed cakes in our Florida bakery. Gators? All the time. Palm Trees? Weekly. Snow? Rare as a Florida snow storm. =)

Shaun White Fondant Figurine
Shaun White in progress

Yeni worked to get Shaun White posed perfectly on his snowboard, on the top of a mountain, ready to have some fun.

Shaun White closeup
Details from the cake

The cake itself formed a cool (and tasty) snow covered mountain, adorned with sugar trees.

Shaun White Cake
Red Hair? Of course.
Shaun White Snow Mountain Cake
Snow Mountain Cake

We love when a family brings a different idea forward to help celebrate an important day. After all (and say it with us)… every celebration deserves cake.

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