Steampunk Cake

Sometimes, we get to create truly fun birthday cakes. Take for example last week’s Steampunk cake. Delivered right here in Gainesville, this Steampunk themed custom cake helped celebrate an awesome surprise birthday party.

Steampunk Cake
Steampunk Hat Cake

Let’s Define Steampunk

Think of steampunk as a recipe. To make steampunk, simply combine one part fantasy, one part sci-fi, and two parts awesome.

Steampunk Hat Cake, Gears, Pocket Watch
Steampunk Cake

We started with a brown leather top-hat. Added a peacock feather, gears, a pocket watch, more gears, a flower, and more gears. To wind all of these gears, a metallic cake topper worked perfectly.

steampunk gears cake
Gears, gears, gears
Steampunk watch gears cake
More gears... and a watch.
pocket watch on hat
Pocket Watch
Steampunk Cake Top Hat
Steampunk Top Hat
Leather String Cake
Leather Hat

The back of the cake features the leather overlay and string.

We Love Custom Cakes

At Dream Day Cakes®, we love creating custom cakes to help celebrate life’s events. From birthday cakes to wedding cakes, baby showers to Steampunk Hat Cakes — your local Gainesville bakery custom creates the perfect cake for your event. Cakes do come true at Dream Day Cakes®.


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