Sugar Flower Wedding Cakes

The most common decoration request we receive for our wedding cakes? Flowers. Since the beginning of time, well maybe not that long– but for as long as anyone can remember, flowers and weddings go hand-in-hand. Sugar flowers on your wedding cake? Well that’s no problem for your local Gainesville bakery, Dream Day Cakes®.

Wedding Cake topper
Edible sugar flower

As a bakery, we love working with sugar flowers. The flower you want is always in season when we make it here in the bakery. Besides lasting forever, a beautiful sugar flower can always match your color choice perfectly.

Sugar Flower adorned wedding cake
Pink Flower, White Wedding Cake

Of course, using sugar flowers also means  there’s no risk of using toxic flowers on your wedding cake.

pink flower wedding cakes
Sugar Flower

For example, most lily flowers have a toxicity that would make them inappropriate to use on wedding cakes. Using sugar flowers solves this problem.

Wedding Cake and Sugar Flower
Wedding Cake/Sugar Flower

If you wish to use fresh flowers on your wedding cake, we recommend working with a reputable, local florist who will ensure that your flowers pose no risk to your guests when used on your wedding cake. Luckily, Gainesville has several great (and family owned) florists to help you.

From sugar flowers to wedding cakes, Dream Day Cakes® proudly creates the perfect look for your cake. From our Gainesville, Florida bakery, we work with you to design your dream cake. Some will have sugar flowers, some will have unique designs, but all of them will taste amazing. Cakes do come true at Dream Day Cakes®. =)

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