Sugar Flowers

It looks like rain today… which brings images of flowers to our mind. Of course, since we’re a custom cake bakery, the images are of beautiful sugar flowers. =) =)

Sugar Flowers, Fondant Flowers
Sugar Lilly... literally.

Sugar flowers, or edible flowers, truly can give that cake a certain “wow” factor. Using sugar flowers allows us to match colors exactly, incorporate themes from the wedding, and allow any flower type to be used– no matter the date. Sugar flowers are always in season.

Sugar Flowers, gumpaste flowers
Fondant, Edible Flowers

We love working with these edible flowers and having people ask, “are those real?” never gets old. =)

Edible flowers from sugar, gumpaste, and fondant
Fondant Flowers
edible flowers
Filler Fondant Flowers

We make all of these edible, sugar flowers from sugar, fondant, and gumpaste right in our Gainesville bakery.

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