Sunflower Wedding Cake

Finding your perfect soul mate is the easy part. Figuring out the wedding cake to display at your wedding? Now that’s where the fun comes. =)

Sunflower Wedding Cake
Sunflower Wedding Cake

This wedding cake, for an amazing Gainesville couple, featured their wedding colors among the 5 tiers of the cake. A beautiful sunflower was featured prominently as the cake topper, allowing the additional tiers to reflect this color theme.

Wedding Cake, Sunflower
Wedding Cake detail

We loved creating this cake! Some brides like square wedding cakes, some go for round– some even choose to have both. This wedding cake featured square tiers and a great color scheme to showcase the couple. It was an honor to help this couple celebrate. =)

At Dream Day Cakes®, we believe that every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes®. From our cake bakery in Gainesville, Florida we invite our customers to sit with our staff and design the perfect wedding cake, sample flavors, and talk cake.

We bake every cake fresh (from scratch) and use only the finest ingredients. We pay attention not only to where an ingredient originates, but also how far it must travel to get to our bakery. Quality in, Quality out.

If you’re planning your wedding, or looking for an amazing event cake, we invite you to taste the difference of Dream Day Cakes®.

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