Sweet Sixteen Cake

How would we describe this sweet 16 birthday cake? Fun— with black and pink.

sweet 16 custom fondant cake
Custom Cake for Sweet 16

We love celebrating! After all, every celebration deserves cake. For this cake, celebrating a beautiful teen’s sweet sixteenth birthday, we designed a three tiered topsy-turvy cake featuring pink, black, and stars.

Celebrated at a lovely venue in Gainesville, Florida, each tier of this cake contained a different cake/buttercream flavor, giving the guests plenty of options for their cake plate. The pink 16 cake topper, formed from our famous fondant, was completely edible— even the silver stars could be enjoyed.

Sweet 16 cake closeup
Sweet 16 Cake Closeup

From sweet sixteens to quinceanera, Bar Mitzvahs to 16th celebrations, whatever birthday you’re celebrating, Dream Day Cakes® can bake the perfect cake for your event.

Please visit our cake bakery in Gainesville to taste the difference of Dream Day Cakes®.

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