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Fondant Birthday Cakes

As 2011 draws to a close, we here at Dream Day Cakes® decided to take a look back at some of our favorite birthday cakes from the past year. From over-the-top creations to small celebrations, we were honored to help people celebrate with a custom-made birthday cake direct from your local, Gainesville bakery.
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SpongeBob and Friends

Birthday’s with SpongeBob and Friends? No problem! Of course, this was no SpongeBob Cake (with Sewing Machine), but then again, we don’t want to make the same cake twice. =)
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Red Coral Anniversary Cake

We recently enjoyed the honor of baking an anniversary cake for a fantastic couple in Melrose, Florida (just outside of Gainesville). Our bride planned and coordinated this event herself with amazing attention to detail. The result? One of the best events we’ve seen.
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Sculpted Penguin Cake

It’s approaching winter and you know those adorable penguins will be invading everything from Holiday commercials to ornaments– not to mention the penguin placemats Yeni sets out every December 1st. So, without further ado, we present an adorable penguin cake for a special client:
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Gator Cake Toppers

These wedding cake toppers scream Florida Gators. Our dashing gator groom comes complete with fishing rod (or fishin’ pole… whichever you prefer) while our gorgeous bride holds her prized puppy.
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Velociraptor Cake Toppers

We get a lot of custom requests at our Gainesville, Florida bakery — of course this make sense… we are a bakery specializing in custom decorated and fondant specialty cakes after all. Sometimes, the cake remains “normal”, and it’s toppers that become the custom decorated choice.
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Coconut Wedding Cake

The title says it all— this wedding cake screamed coconut. An amazing (and beautiful) bride, she knew exactly what she wanted. Very creative (not to mention fun), she truly made working on her cake a great treat.
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Ivory Lace Wedding Cake

A beautiful, local bride visited our Gainesville bakery on a simple mission: create the perfect wedding cake to match her perfect wedding dress. With a vintage, ivory dress detailed in meticulous lace, the wedding cake needed to be elegant, yet detailed.
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Halloween Cakes and Treats

Welcome to October… you know, that time when Gainesville, Florida finally gets some needed relief from the incredibly hot summer. With the beautiful fall weather comes some amazing Gainesville traditions. From Florida Gator football to Archer Road traffic, the tell-tale signs of fall surround us. Of course, come the end of October, all of Gainesville...
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Peacock Feather Wedding Cake

Peacock is the new black. 😉 We’ve been getting a lot of requests recently for peacock feathers— and it’s no secret as to why. From their colorings to their symbolism, Peacock feathers truly capture one’s attention.
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