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Mahjong Cake

Chances are if you mom or dad has an iPad, they know Mahjong — they may even have mastered the game, making themselves worthy of a seat at a true Mah Jongg table in China. But, being a cake bakery specializing in fondant specialty cakes, we simply want to express one’s love of Mahjong in...
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Winter Wonderland Cake

Christmas time is here. =) From small intimate gatherings of family and friends to enormous work parties celebrating the year’s end, Christmas brings good spirit and great food to people’s lives. Recently, we helped our friends at The Hippodrome celebrate their year with an awesome Winter Wonderland themed fondant specialty cake.
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Sculpted Penguin Cake

It’s approaching winter and you know those adorable penguins will be invading everything from Holiday commercials to ornaments– not to mention the penguin placemats Yeni sets out every December 1st. So, without further ado, we present an adorable penguin cake for a special client:
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Halloween Super Sale!

It’s time for a Halloween Super Sale!!!! Spooky Red Velvet Cake Truffles: just $15/dozen!!!! Decorating your own baked goodies? Dream Day Cakes® is your source for professional tools, colors, and edibles! 
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Bumble Bee Cake

The bumble bee cake allowed us to work with some bright yellow colors accented by cool, jet blacks. Now of course, this cake featured your insect type of bumble bees— but who knows, in the future I’m certain we’ll be lucky enough to make one of your favorite transformers for a local, Gainesville Florida family....
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Gender Reveal Cake

We love this trend — love it! Instead of learning the sex of your baby at the doctor’s office… enjoy the moment at home, or at a party, with an amazing gender reveal cake. It’s a great concept, a fun idea, and something really exciting for us at the bakery. So… is it a boy...
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Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Cake

At Dream Day Cakes®, we love making celebrations special. And when a cake from Dream Day Cakes® becomes an annual tradition, well… that’s just an honor we take very seriously. One year ago, we helped a local Gainesville, FL family celebrate a new addition to their home with a fun bear/boat themed cake. This weekend,...
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SpongeBob Cake

Are you ready kids???? SpongeBob recently taveled all the way from Bikini Bottom to help celebrate a birthday in Gainesville, FL. Always one to look on the bright side of life, SpongeBob had no problem letting himself be recreated in cake. =)
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Hippodrome Season Opener

As a season sponsor of The Hippodrome, we wanted to do something unique for the opening night VIP party of the season’s first show. So, what to do? What to do? You know we had to capture the show in cake— a custom, fondant specialty cake (and that’s exactly what we did). =) =)
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Castle Birthday Cake

You never know who will walk into our Gainesville, Florida bakery— of course, that’s one of the best parts. To celebrate a dual-birthday, our local Gainesville family chose a castle theme for their boys. Of course, the castle took the cake. Literally.
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