Tennis Anyone?

Ah, a birthday cake for the tennis lover. This tennis themed birthday cake featured edible tennis balls, a racquet (with piped strings), and a scoreboard that highlighted the birthday girl (and significant numbers). Our Gainesville bakery proudly presents, the tennis-themed birthday cake. =)

Tennis Themed Birthday Cake, Gainesville, Florida
Tennis Birthday Cake

A very simple concept for this cake… tennis. Greens, blacks, and whites highlight the theme and birthday girl.

Light green edible tennis balls
Edible tennis balls
Happy Birthday in Green and Black
Happy Birthday Scoreboard

The scoreboard made a great canvas for the happy birthday message as well as the birthday girl’s name. If the score seems weird for a tennis match, do the math. =)

Score board birthday
Tennis Racquet
Tennis Racquet

The tennis racquet was completed edible with piped, floating tennis strings. Level of difficulty? Crazy to Pull hair out.

Racquet and Tennis Balls
More Tennis Balls

The tennis balls were pure fondant– like a tic-tac, only 20 times more awesome.

Tennis Birthday Cake
Tennis Birthday Cake

Our local, family owned bakery in Gainesville, Florida produces fun birthday cakes. We love personalizing cakes with the theme and dates important to the celebration. This tennis themed birthday was no exception!

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