Tinker Bell Cake

Tinker Bell (or Tinkerbell, Tink, etc.) first came to life all the way back in 1904; courtesy of Sir James Matthew Barrie. Adored for over 100 years, Tinker Bell encourages us to believe and enable those who do with the ability of flight… with the help of a little pixie dust of course.

Tinker Bell Cake
Tinkerbell Cake

For this cake, we created an adorable home for our fairy friend.

Tinker Bell Cake
Tinker Bell Cake

Complete with edible flowers, details, and buttons, this home was immediately ready for your favorite fairy.

Leaves on Tinker Bell Cake
Roof leaves
Rear view Tinker Bell Cake
There's never a back to our cakes
Close up detail of cake
Details from Tinker Bell Cake
Tinker Bell Door
Fairy Cake

Although this particular cake helped celebrate a young girl’s birthday, at Dream Day Cakes® we believe that every celebration deserves cake. For more information on how we can help you celebrate (with cake), please call us at (352) 336-8955. If you’re in the Gainesville area, please stop our bakery, located conveniently at 6352 NW 18th Dr, Ste 3 in Gainesville Florida.

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