Topsy Turvy Sweet 16 Cake

Sweet 16 cakes can really be fun. Take for example this topsy turvy sweet 16 cake created for a local, Gainesville Florida event:

Topsy Turvy Sweet 16 Cake
Topsy Turvy Sweet 16 Cake

To celebrate her 16th birthday, this charmingly sweet young adult had a colorful dayglow paint party. Held at the Hippodrome (in the basement), participants worked up a healthy appetite (and sweat) by painting everything in site.

It made for an interesting delivery. =)

Sweet 16 Paint Party Cake
Sweet 16 Paint Party

The concept of the cake kept to the paint party theme. The floating tiers of this cake were colorful, with the top tier representative of a paint can oozing paint onto the other tiers.

The silver finish of the paint can contrasted nicely with the dayglow effect on the other cake tiers.

A fondant black bow and fondant ribbon adorned the two bottom tiers. For the topper, we created an edible, pink 16 with just a touch of bling.

Sweet 16 Cake
Sweet 16 Cake Top Tier

We loved creating this floating, topsy turvy sweet 16 cake. A dayglow paint party made for a delivery to remember.

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