Train Themed Birthday Cake

We love our clients. When Yeni and the team get to create a birthday cake for the same family year after year; it becomes a literal labor of love. For this amazing client, we were honored to help celebrate another birthday — this time with a train themed birthday cake. =)

5th Birthday Cake. Train Themed.
Train Themed Birthday Cake

The concept was simple: Trains. =)

Our birthday girl Aislynn would be the conductor for an amazing train themed birthday party; where the mom (amazing hostess) really paid attention to details. This was about color, font, and style.

Edible train topper
Edible Train Topper
Happy 5th Birthday
Happy 5th Birthday Cake

We make custom cakes; meaning each cake is custom made for the client. Everything is made by hand (from the cake itself to all the decorations).

The birthday girl’s name really needed to stand out. After all, it’s her day!

Birthday Girl Name
Birthday Girl in Big Letters

There were matching cupcakes, cake pops, and the entire house completely fit the theme.

Birthday cupcakes - train themed
Train Cupcakes
Birthday Cake and Cupcakes
All Aboard!

For this train themed birthday cake, our locally owned bakery worked with one of our “regular” customers. As I said before, we love our clients. When we get to watch them grow, it’s an amazing honor.

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