UF Gator Cakes

With our bakery happily located in Gainesville, Florida (home of the University of Florida Gators), we get many requests for Gator cakes. From student birthdays to University events, when it comes to Gators and cakes, we’re there. =)

Baby Gator Cake Topper
Baby Gator Cake Topper

Last week, we helped celebrate a 30th anniversary and a special student birthday.

Shands Hospital at the University of Florida enjoys a very close relationship with the Gators. To help celebrate 30 years of service, the Pediatrics department called on Dream Day Cakes® to create a fun Gator themed cake (and mini-cupcakes).

UF Pediatrics Cake
UF Pediatrics Cake

What better way to celebrate “baby” doctors than with a baby gator. Complete with diaper, pacifier, and stethoscope, this Gator was ready for action.

Shands Hospital Cake
Go Gators

You already know that we believe every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes®. No cake is too small, because every event is special. Take for example this gator themed birthday cake:

Student Birthday Cake UF Gators
Gator Themed Cake

It may be a student celebrating a birthday away from his family– or it could be a huge catered celebration. Whatever the occasion, your Gainesville bakery is here to make that special Gator themed cake. The University of Florida is a stone’s throw from our bakery and delivery? No problem. Go Gators!

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