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Under the Sea Birthday Cake

Under the Sea birthday cake
Fondant Birthday Cake

If you ask, most people disagree about the origins of birthday celebrations. Many claim it was the Romans who initially started celebrating birthdays with generous “celebrations” and birthday gifts (we know they did not celebrate with birthday cake). Some say birthday parties began in Europe– large, joyous celebrations were held to keep “evil spirits” away from people on their birthday.

Others, like us here at Dream Day Cakes®, just say that every celebration deserves a great party; and with that very long segway, we introduce the Under the Sea birthday cake. =)

Birthdays in Gainesville, Florida truly bring out the creativity. For this birthday cake, our young girl celebrated with an Under the Sea theme. Bright, vibrant colors helped bring the fish, bubbles, starfish, and other sea decorations to life.

first birthday smash cake
First Birthday Smash Cake

This birthday cake included a separate smash cake for our birthday girl to… well, smash.

first birthday cake
First Birthday Cake

The top of the main cake showcased the color palette as well as a prominent (yet edible) number one.

birthday cupcakes
Birthday Cupcakes

The cupcakes matched the color scheme and included elements of the cake to tie everything together.

birthday cake sea theme
Sea theme Birthday Cake

Gainesville is completely landlocked– we’re at least 60 miles to the closest beach. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Gainesville residents can’t enjoy an amazing sea themed birthday cake. =) =)

Remember, we believe that every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes®. For more information on how our family owned Gainesville bakery can help you celebrate your next birthday (or any other event), please contact us.

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