Wedding Cake (Behind the Scenes)

This past weekend, Dream Day Cakes joined several area wedding vendors in celebrating Rachel’s wedding. Our bride braved the risks of an outdoor Florida wedding, and had a (mostly) dry event at the Thomas Center in Gainesville, Florida.

Gainesville, Florida flower wedding cake
Flower wedding cake, Gainesville

Our bride knew exactly what she wanted. The amazingly positive Rachel fell in love with a cake she had seen on TV; and wanted her version. From slightly skewed squared tiers to fresh, colorful flowers– this truly represented the Dream Day wedding cake for our bride.

Square tiered ivory wedding cake.
Yeni uses the force to move tiers.

With the Thomas Center just a short drive away from our Gainesville bakery, we decided to transport the cake fully assembled. Each tier of the cake receives a generous covering of our handmade fondant. After applying a quilted effect, the tiers received a fondant, string pearls accent.

Final touches
Yeni adds finishing touches.

Some final touches from the airbrush help create the perfect effect.

Wedding cake ready for flowers
Ready for flowers.

Once set-up, the cake now needs to be transported and garnished with fresh flowers.

Each flower is covered in fondant.
Flowers get added to the cake

At the Thomas Center, Yeni received an amazing supply of colorful flowers from Crevasse’s Regency Florist (Gainesville, Florida).

Flowers on wedding cake
Flowers, flowers, flowers

Each flower is placed into a fondant holder, keeping the edible cake away from the un-edible, natural flowers.

Beautiful flowers on wedding cake
Beautiful flowers
Gator Helmet cake
Gator Helmet Groom's Cake

Of course, not every cake needs flowers. =)

The amazing flower arrangements from Crevasse’s Regency truly transformed the Thomas Center into a Gainesville dream wedding reception. We were honored to be a part of the celebration.

Remember, at Dream Day Cakes, we believe every celebration deserves cake. =) =)

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