Wedding Cake Scenes

One of our Gainesville brides came to the bakery with a great idea for her wedding cake  — hand drawn scenes. Using little aspects of life important to the bride and groom, Yeni created a wedding cake with a story. Not just any story… her story.

Wedding Cake story
Personalized Wedding Cake

With the wedding taking place at Gainesville’s Sweetwater Branch Inn, the wedding cake would be on full display (front and back). At the Sweetwater Branch Inn, there is an amazing mirror that can help us show the front and the back of the wedding cake at the same time. =)

Of course, this cake isn’t about a mirror. It’s about a story. =)

custom wedding cakes
Custom Story Wedding Cake

Our groom loves rock climbing… the bride, not so much.

rock climbing groom
Groom climbing

Here we have our edible groom scaling the wedding cake…

custom bride topper
The Beautiful Bride

… while the bride waits for him at the top (she took the elevator). My absolute favorite part of the cake dealt with custom art. The bride brought Yeni examples of artwork hand drawn from her young child. There was a perfect heart that Yeni replicated onto the cake.

Personalized cake with custom art
Replicated heart

We love helping to celebrate life’s moments. For this wedding in Gainesville, FL, we were able to personalize this wedding cake to be a unique expression for the bride and groom. One of the highlights of running a bakery is to share in the story. =) Remember, cakes do come true at Dream Day Cakes®.

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  1. I love this cake and the story about the cake telling a story about the couple 🙂 And the drawings – so unique. If I were the bride the rope would have been around the groom’s neck, however 🙂 JK

    Most unique wedding cake I’ve ever seen.

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