Wedding Cake: Sugar Flowers vs Real Flowers

At Dream Day Cakes®, we are honored to help celebrate life’s events. Many of the events we help celebrate include weddings– and wedding cakes remain a big focal piece of the reception. When brides visit our Gainesville bakery, they often ask if we recommend using real or sugar flowers for the wedding cake. Our answer? It depends. =)

Sugar Flowers vs. Real Flowers

Most of the time it comes down to a decision of price. Real flowers are definitely less expensive than sugar flowers– but that being said, sometimes it’s definitely worth the money to get exactly what you want.

Wedding Cake Sugar Flowers
Wedding Cake Sugar Flowers

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Real Flowers on Wedding Cakes

Although real flowers (or fresh flowers) may be cheaper they do have some disadvantages, including:

  • Some flowers are poisonous if eaten. Avoid using real daffodils, lily of the valley, or calla lilies.
  • Many flowers are treated with toxins to protect the flowers from insects. These toxins can be very dangerous to guests that may be pregnant, the elderly, and children. Ask your florist to ensure that their flowers are certified organic or have not been treated.
  • Your florist will need to use special plastic spikes to keep the flower (or water from the flower) from leaving a very bitter taste in your cake.
  • Scent and taste are closely connected. Keep away from flowers that may have a strong odor– it will greatly change the taste of the cake.

Sugar Flowers

Although sugar flowers may be more expensive than real flowers, the do have some advantages, such as:

  • Sugar Flowers don’t wilt. No matter how late the reception or wedding runs, sugar flowers will look perfect.
  • Sugar Flowers come in the exact size and color you need. Since they are custom made, you can match your exact color without a problem.
  • Sugar Flowers can be eaten, or saved. If handled properly, sugar flowers can last for decades.

Fresh Flowers, Sugar Flowers, The Choice is Yours

The choice is completely yours– and there’s no wrong answer. =) Being a bakery, we’re of course a little biased towards using sugar flowers. That being said, if you want real (or fresh) flowers on your wedding cake that’s exactly what you’ll get. The bottom line is that this is your wedding cake. =) =)

Sugar Edible Lily
Edible, sugar lily flower

From our bakery in Gainesville, Florida, we bake wedding cakes fresh for your wedding. If you want sugar flowers or fresh, real flowers– we’ve got you covered. Every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes®.

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