What is Pandebono?

Pandebono in Gainesville

As many of you know, Dream Day Cakes® recently started serving breakfast. From breakfast bread to amazing espresso, we make sure that people start their day with a great tasting meal.

We’ve tried to “bake what we know” and thanks to Yeni’s heritage, we proudly serve the best pandebono north of Colombia. Which brings us to… hey, what’s a pandebono anyway?

Pandebono is a delicious Colombian cheese bread perfect for breakfast (it is amazing with coffee). As for the origins of pandebono… we only have legend.

The first legend describes an Italian baker living in Colombia who would bake bread daily. He would sell his bread on the streets of the city, yelling “Pan de buono” (Italian for The Good Bread). The locals changed the pronunciation and wala: pandebono.

The second legend claims the bread originated in a small town (Bono) in-between Dagua and Cali, Colombia. The bread of the town (Pan de Bono) became known simply as pandebono.

The last legend describes a bonus that sugar cane workers would receive as part of their daily work. The incredible bonus consisted of bread and water… but the bonus bread (pandebono) was worth it.

No one knows for sure the real origin… although the first one is our personal favorite. We do know one fact: Once you’ve had our pandebono, you’ll be a customer for life.

We’ll see you in the morning! (Doors open at 7:30am) =) =)

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