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For a “small town,” Gainesville attracts some amazing talent. With the University of Florida providing the perfect backdrop, young entrepreneurs find a niche, work hard, and try to create something amazing. And with this, I proudly introduce you to our good friends at Fracture.

When we first opened our bakery in NW Gainesville, we went around and introduced ourselves to the neighbors. It may have been the cupcakes and cookies, but people were really excited when we came knocking. Fracture took the record; cupcakes and cookies devoured in seconds. It was so fast, we almost didn’t notice the amazing prints decorating their walls.

What Fracture Does Best

Fractures combine the print and frame into one awesome printed glass. You can hang them on your wall or use the included prop to stand your Fracture wherever you wish. These aren’t your mama’s frames — this one piece of very strong glass is guaranteed against fading and breaking.

Fractures provide some great benefits over the old paper print/photo frame model, including:

  • Vibrant, rich and glossy colors
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  • Safety — no sharp edges and almost shatter-proof!
  • Perfectly flat glass surface
  • Everything included (even a mounting screw)
  • Affordable printing (prices start at just $10)
  • Easy to use interface

Fractures at Dream Day Cakes®

Hippodrome Cake, Gainesville Florida.
Fractures in action

We fracture posters, menus, photos of cakes, and even QR codes to use in our bakery, at expos, and even during presentations. We love the how the Fractures make our logo shine.

Take for example the recent cake we produced for opening night at The Hippodrome. We used fractured logos (with QR codes) to identify our bakery as the provider of the evenings sweets. Or shall I say, super yummy sweets. =)

Why you should use Fracture

First, the product really sells itself. You have a camera, you have fun images, and now you have a way of printing those images in an awesome way that truly couldn’t be easier.

But for some of you… you need incentive. We want you to fall in love with this company as much as we have. So, we are planning something to really sweeten the deal. Yes, it’s a bad pun… but deal with it. =)

The first 8 people that come to our bakery with a receipt from Fracture dated 2/1/2012 or later will receive a FREE half-dozen box of Bearkery® Cake Truffles. There’s no crazy fine print here. Simply, the first 8 unique people with a receipt from Fracture dated 2/1/2012 or later.

So please, visit fractureme.com, order an amazing print, and enjoy some awesome cake truffles while you wait for your fracture.

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