Why we love Square

Accept credit cards with Square

It’s a common scenario here at the bakery… Whether it’s paying for a cup of Joe or putting down a deposit on one of our amazing cakes, when we hand over the tablet and ask for a signature, we usually hear “Wow, that’s neat.”

You know, it is neat — but more importantly, it’s good for our business. At Dream Day Cakes®, we use the Square card reader to accept credit card payments quickly and efficiently. Before we get into why we like Square for credit card processing, let’s talk about how credit card processing works. 

Let’s call this summary the Cliff’s Notes version of credit card processing. =)

In a nutshell, businesses (like Dream Day Cakes®) pay credit card processing companies a percentage of every credit card sale. These fees include a flat percentage (generally 1.2 to 3.75%), a “per transaction” fee (anywhere from 0 – 25 cents), “gateway” fees, equipment fees, and more.

Getting confused yet?

It get’s even worse. At the end of the month, most of these credit card processors add surcharges and other fees. “The card that Joe used was a rewards card, so we’re going to charge an extra 1.2 percent.” “That card was a business card, it needs to be charged at another 1.3 percent.” So on, and so on, and so on.

Square is completely different.

square bakery cash register
Our Square Cash Register

The first reason we love Square? Honest pricing. Fred’s been working with credit card companies for over 20 years— Square is the first company that’s ever provided him honest pricing that has no hidden fees. With Square, you pay 2.75% for every swiped card. American Express? 2.75%. Discover? 2.75% Rewards Cards? 2.75%. There are no hidden fees, no gateway fees, no crazy fees whatsoever.

Even though we get a much better “rate” with other processors, at the end of the month, all of the additional fees add up to much higher than Square’s simple and honest 2.75% price model. No monthly fees. No minimums. Honest pricing = happy bakers.

Square pays us the next day. Automatically.

At our bakery, we love baking. We love creating amazing cakes, we love the smell of bread baking in the oven, the look of pastries covering the countertops. Know what we don’t love? We don’t love accounting. Knowing that we can reliably count on payments to be in our bank account the very next day makes our business run more efficiently.

Happy bakers = better cakes.

Honest pricing and next day payouts are just the tip of the iceberg. When we’re exhibiting at an expo, on a delivery, or at a show, Square allows us to accept payments directly from our phone (or tablet). We plug in the free card reader, swipe the card, and confirm the order. Simple, fast, and easy.

It get’s even better. We also can accept e-payments directly to our account using the Square card case. Customers coming to the bakery can pay us directly with their phone. No wallet? No problem. You can still get a cupcake and an espresso. =) =)

We think you will love Square, too.

We’ve recommended Square to anyone wanting to accept credit card payments. Of course, with creative cakes comes creative clients. Some of the applications we think work fantastic for Square:

  • Weddings
    Don’t have cash for that bride’s dance? No problem. She can take your credit card payment right at the reception.
  • Charity Events
    We get asked to work with a lot of charities. We think that using a Square reader can quickly and easily bring money to the organization.
  • Photographers
  • Expos
  • Farmer’s Markets

As we start promoting more businesses that we truly love, we wanted to start with Square. For more information on how you can process credit cards with their free card reader, please visit https://squareup.com.

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