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Yeni working hard on the Princess birthday cake.
This pillow will hold an edible glass slipper.

This week gave us a nice break from Wedding Expos, and allowed us to enter our more creative side. Don’t get us wrong– we love meeting all of the brides and people at the Expos, but working on cakes for smaller events really brings out the smiles.

This weekend, we have a great wedding north of Ocala, Florida as well as a precious princess’ birthday to prepare for. And, what better way to celebrate a princess birthday than with a glass slipper (edible) placed gingerly onto a beautiful pillow.

This afternoon we delivered an event cake for Photography 35’s grand opening in Gainesville, Florida. We were asked to help with their opening by our friends at Masterpiece Weddings. Since they were such amazing neighbors at the Florida Bridal Expo, we just had to say yes!

We’re looking forward to a great weekend helping people celebrate (with cake). It’s always an honor to help with someone’s special day– and that’s the main reason we love what we do.

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Gainesville, FL Grand Opening

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