XKCD Groom’s Cake

Fred here… I love reading XKCD… it could be my IT background, or maybe it’s my love of stick-figure drawings — who knows? Bottom line: I love XKCD. When a beautiful bride visited our Gainesville bakery to order this XKCD groom’s cake for her wedding, the smile on my face was bigger than the bride’s.

XKCD Grooms Cake
XKCD Groom's Cake

For those who may not be familiar, XKCD is a web-comic by Randall Munroe. His comics have a technical/scientific/physics angle to them, but they always center around life and love. Sure, there’s some in-jokes that only people with PhD’s may understand, but mostly the comics simply make you smile.

For this groom’s cake, our bride chose webcomic #55, aka “My normal approach is useless here:”

My normal approach is useless here.

(you can click the image to see the comic)

The concept? Simple. A “squared” cake with a piped reproduction of the cartoon. You can have your XKCD and eat it too. =)

XKCD cartoon cake
Cartoon in cake

I say “squared” as Yeni wanted to reproduce the hand drawn feel for the cartoon. The borders for the cake needed to be more “XKCD”-like. Speaking of which, here’s my beautiful wife piping away:

Yeni piping a groom's cake
Yeni at work

I could watch her work all day. Of course when she catches me watching her, she usually tells me to get back to work. Ah, the joys of working with your bride… but I digress…

XKCD.com Groom's Cake
Close up of the piping

I love the idea of the hearts being pink. Here’s another shot, but I angled the camera. Oooooh artsy. =)

XKCD web cartoon on cake
Oooh artsy

And the final cake, in Gainesville’s Historic Thomas Center:

Grooms Cake Gainesville, Florida
Thomas Center, Gainesville, FL

Thanks for reading!

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